lunes, agosto 22, 2005

Short Fiction

Nuevamente es el turno del señorito Ignacio Alles, que ahora nos acerca una interesante e inquietante ficción breve. Está, como se puede ver, en inglés pero de lectura amena y ligera. Allá vamos.

Business Cards

I'll never forget the time I purchased one hundred business cards to give to my customers. One cold morning of June, I was finishing a meeting when I discover I had given to the customer my last business card. Then the phone rang as we were shaking hands.
'Good morning, Bernard Allred speaking,' I said. I heard the sound of the phone call ending while the customer was leaving the office. Keeping the phone still in my hands, I called the printer and I ordered the business cards I needed. They said it would take them three or four days to make and deliver them.
That night I was staying late at the office because I had a lot of work to do. Suddenly —and unexpectedly— the doorbell rang. As the office was closed I remained sitting doing my job. It rang again, so I thought it might have been something important. When I opened the door I saw a young man holding a small light brown packet in his hands.
'Here are your cards,' said the boy. 'The main printer machine is working again so we could finish the cards sooner.' I went back to my desk and started looking at my new cards when I realized that one of them —the last one— had a different phone number printed on it. I thought of calling to the printer but it was after their business hours. Instead, I phoned the number that was printed on my card, and I got shocked when somebody answered.
'Good morning, Bernard Allred speaking,' he said. I remembered myself saying those very same words in the morning and I hung. I stayed frozen during a few minutes and finally I decided never to call that number again.
Ignacio Alles


Anonymous Mou said...

ESTO es escalofriante...

6:22 p. m.  
Anonymous nch said...

gracias. uno de los mejores elogios.

PD: me reservo el derecho de tergiversar este y otros comentarios, siempre a mi favor

4:32 a. m.  
Anonymous panda said...

pulent fiction


11:48 p. m.  

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